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Industrial Automation Training

As the industries all around the world is getting automated and most of them are already automated, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of industrial automation training so that our trainees can reduce their gaps to today’s workforce. Training is on PLC, SCADA, HM……….

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Labview Training

Since labVIEW is the excellent platform for testing and simulation it plays an inevitable role in designing and development of critical process. So it offers a wide range of career and we offer the best training on LabVIEW in the industry…

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As embedded system is a combination of software and hardware which includes all the basic electronic components, programs, compilers etc. we guarantee all sort of hands on hardware and software training for our trainees for becoming a expert embedded engineer….

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On site training programs

TECQULARIZ has a very strong team of experienced professional —we offer more than 20 programs that include best practices and tools the participants can immediately use on the job, in their projects or career. On site workshops at schools, colleges, corporate offices, industries, etc….

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If you are a fresher don't miss this chance

Capitalizing on its long-term industrial experience in Automation sector, Tecqulariz conducts various training programs specially tailored for Fresher’s, Professionals, Corporate Companies and Colleges.


Recent projects

Factory Data Monitoring System

The DVP-SS2 Series is Delta Electronics’ second generation of slimline industrial PLCs. The DVP-14SS211R features high speed counters, a flexible serial port, real-time monitoring and an expansion bus that allows matching modules to be mounted on the right side of …

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Simulator (testing) Panels for compressor

Compressed Air Compressed air is widely used as a power source in industry to power tools in many types of conveyors manufacturing and converting processes filtration, refrigeration, and aeration processes vehicle and machine doors Compressed air is often manufactured on …

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AMF with PLC and HMI

First of all: what an AMF Panel is. An AMF control panel (Automatic Mains Failure control panel) is the ideal choice in cases where you have to control a generator that is connected to the Mains in a standby configuration. …

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